A couple new(ish) BUBBLEGUM BEST b sides for ya’ll

Hey!  I recorded these a few years ago but they didn’t end up on any album and I think they’re pretty good songsso I’m putting them here for anyone who wants to listen.  They’re both break up songs.  

“Walking In” was sorta made in between albums and never fit in with the mood of anything.

and “Hello Summer” is a b side from my 14 year-old in love concept album – DELANO.  And it didn’t make it on the album because it didn’t really have the voice of a 14 year-old.  It was some other dude, and I felt like the rest of the songs came from a similar character but this one was a little more out there.  But I like it better than some of the songs that did make it.

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  1. Gimpleton Says:

    been diging into my bgb collection and thought id see what was on the web…those ablums are great on the bus to and from work…giving me good ideas for new songs.. are you still living at the same place? I have sm new songs to send you…leme know

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