The Dork and the Demon: Podcast 4: Ripoffs

So click the link below to download and listen to the 4th Dork and the Demon podcast.

The Dork and the Demon #4: Rip Offs

In this one we discuss the good and the bad of 80s sci-fi and horror rip offs. We also tackle the new bad Star Wars movies, jerking off to videos as a teenager (yeah, we discuss it), and our take on youth culture.  It’s all there.

Here’s some images to help you on your Dork and the Demon journey…


Starship…can you tell what it’s ripping off.  Um…Yes you can. 🙂


This is Cemetery of Terror….kind of a mishmash rip off of every American horror movie of the 80s.  If you are patient with subtitles this would  be amazing for a Halloween night movie-athon since its thick with fog, full of every Halloween cliches, and one of the little kids wears an MJ jacket the whole time (MJ =Michael Jackson FYI)


This is Devlon.  Such a cool name…such a mean guy.


Jaws – never heard of it.  Great White Death.  Yup.  That’s a classic.


My favorite rip off – Slumber Party Massacre !!  Written by a feminist.  Directed by someone who likes butts a lot.  😉

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