D-MAN *a first issue extravaganza*

I spent the Fall in Kentucky – hanging out with my girlfriend – Sonya. While she was busy with important things like studying for finals, writing lengthy essays, and teaching freshmen Geography – I was drawing comics and watching horror movies. If only my 12 year-old self could have witnessed it.

When I was little I used to crank out comic after comic. I still have piles of boxes of old notebooks dating back to before I was in pre-school.  Back then I called them movies.  Lately, I’ve been nostalgic for those old notebook “movies.”  I thought it was time to resurrect some old super heroes from my past.

Below is a link to the full 23 page comic that I made this Fall.  It involves Bipity and Bop (2 characters created by my cousin and I when we were 12) and a dopey Super Guy named D-Man (a character whose origins go back to my Senior year of college. Uploads of past issues coming soon for your enjoyment).

It’s a quick read. I hope you like it.
Click the link below:

Download D Man Issue 1

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