Head to the NIGHT VISITOR VIDEO SITE to pick up the latest issue of The Halloween Party.  It continues the story right where the first comic left off with our heroes stuck in the cellar of a giant monster bash!  The comic is limited to 100 copies, hand numbered, it’s in black and white with some beautiful color pages for good measure, it has a spiral binding to mimic the notebook I drew it in, and it’s full of full color fake ads!


It’s only $6 — and it’s 36 pages of pure Halloween fun!  I don’t make any money on this.  I just do it because I love it – so check it out!


If you buy one – I promise to throw in some extra fun goodies (from stickers to cards to 80s comic books).  There’s also a slew of old 80s horror videos for sale on the site – as well as video releases that I personally create with my girlfriend.  So head on over to the Night Visitor Video page today.

The final issue of THE HALLOWEEN PARTY  is in the works now.  It’ll arrive in the store in early 2017 so stay tuned!

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