Bubblegum Best – “some soon day”


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Also dig into the music video I animated for the 1st song off of the album: “dreamers avenue.”


The remnants of Roger Mexico

Roger Mexico formed in 2002.  I knew Louis (the drummer and band master) thru film school (University of Iowa!!).  He was a drummer in nearly every band in Iowa City.  He knew Dave (the lead guitarist and back up vocalist) thru similar channels.  And Peter (the bassist) from High School.  And there was also Dan.  I’m not sure who knew Dan (other guitarist).

We rocked the best venues of Iowa City for a year.  From Gabes (battle of the bands) to the fucking empty coffee houses of Grinnell (but the meal and hotel were paid for there.  What?! Remember when we ate so much food because dinner was free that we all were sick before the show…yeah, we were opening for some def jam rap group, too.  Yep.  Too much fun.)

Anyway- we never recorded, but we had some heart, and played some great rocknroll shows.  So this is a playlist of every scrap I have of recorded material (at least just plain audio-wise. Apparently there’s some videos.  Anyone out there know where?).
The 1st track was taken from a Coach Mahler session.  Immediately after Roger Mexico disbanded a few of our guys went to Mahler and they played a mean Country Rock show.  Anyway- they stole the lick for a Roger Mexico track (wink to Kevin Mahler) and so I stole it back and recorded over it a few years ago.

The 2nd – is from a session I did early on with Dave (the lead guitarist) — we recorded an acoustic session with 2 early tracks back when I think Dave was unsure about me as vocalist.  (am I right, Dave?)  🙂

Anyway- after those sessions, Dave was just fine with me on the mic.  I think part of trepidation came from the fact that I was so shy with singing that I would sing super quietly so that no one knew the lyrics until the shows.  And then on show days I would drink enough and be confident.  And belt it.

The 3rd – “Darling” is a solo – BGB track.  That was one that was brought up to the guys to cover from my recent album (part of the reason Louis wanted me there).  Originally I was on keyboards playing a thick keyboardy string section.  It was quickly vetoed for obvious reasons.  It’s too bad we never recorded this one as a full band – it would’ve sounded awesome.

The 4th- “Love 2 Quickly” was a Dave song.  I was back up vocalist on it.  Since I didn’t play an instrument–I didn’t have much to do on that one but sway a little and wish I had a tambourine.  Listen to hear Dave lose it and start laughing mid-song.

And last (but not….least?) Nymphomani-yeah.  Another Bubblegum Best track.  This one also was more fitting with a band rather than the default keyboard backings.  But you still get the jest of how good it could be.  Minus that embarrassing ending (grabs forehead and sighs).

So I wrote more than most will read.  And put up more songs than most will listen, but it’s been good reminiscing about the ROGER MEXICO.  2002-2003 RIP

The Dork & the Demon #5: The Reveal

Here it is, listeners….the season finale (yes, my seasons have only five episodes) of The Dork and the Demon.  A handful of you have your guesses as to who my partner in podcast crime is, and the wait is over!

So click  the link below to finally hear the identity of …. THE DEMON.

The Dork and the Demon #5: The Reveal

The Dork and the Demon: Podcast 4: Ripoffs

So click the link below to download and listen to the 4th Dork and the Demon podcast.

The Dork and the Demon #4: Rip Offs

In this one we discuss the good and the bad of 80s sci-fi and horror rip offs. We also tackle the new bad Star Wars movies, jerking off to videos as a teenager (yeah, we discuss it), and our take on youth culture.  It’s all there.

Here’s some images to help you on your Dork and the Demon journey…


Starship…can you tell what it’s ripping off.  Um…Yes you can. 🙂


This is Cemetery of Terror….kind of a mishmash rip off of every American horror movie of the 80s.  If you are patient with subtitles this would  be amazing for a Halloween night movie-athon since its thick with fog, full of every Halloween cliches, and one of the little kids wears an MJ jacket the whole time (MJ =Michael Jackson FYI)


This is Devlon.  Such a cool name…such a mean guy.


Jaws – never heard of it.  Great White Death.  Yup.  That’s a classic.


My favorite rip off – Slumber Party Massacre !!  Written by a feminist.  Directed by someone who likes butts a lot.  😉

The Dork and the Demon 3: Best of the’00s

On this episode of THE DORK AND THE DEMON — we discuss our top ten personal favorite horror movies of the ’00s.

So click the link below to listen:

The Dork and the Demon 3: BEST OF ’00s

or click play on this bad boy to listen right off the website.  (this is provided by Mixtapeme….which if you haven’t discovered it yet — is an awesome way of trading mixes cross states, among other things.  Check it out…)

Here are some pics to provoke your interest…




New Mimpleton Meets Gimpleton “single”

Here’s a new song for the next Mimpleton Meets Gimpleton album.  It’s in its early stages, so it might change a little bit.  I’m mostly posting it for Seth, the other half of MMG, to get a listen and see what he thinks.  (Hi, Seth.  Call me or email me about it, Man.) Seth and I are in separate states doing this one.  Me in California, and he in Minnesota.  Glad we still have the band together even if we’re not outside of a barn during a party playing for cute girls. 😉  So click the word below to hear:


ME as silhouette

Nathan's silhouette

This is my silhouette.  Ellen made it for me.  And it really does look like me….(even the hair flip!)